Story of the Farm

And the two friends (…or just acquaintances) Ignazio Servedio son of Giuseppe Domenico and don Luigi D’alessandro (owners in Grumo), maybe speaking about business, decided to intermarry so that their sons Donato and Maria Teresa married. They clearly agreeing about the gifts and the date of the marriage, which was celebrated the 10 th of June 156, decided to consolidate the relation buying a big property (about 200 ha) near the lands of “Servedio”, which had been bougth by the family Frisicchio of Naples in 1814 from the duke san Vito ( the last feudatory of Grumo ). The purchase happened the 11 th of April 1856 with 20 thousand and 2 hundred ducats payable in 5 years. Unfortunately the 23th of June 1857 (14 months later ) Ignazio died suddenly and without will, leaving his 3 sons, Alessandra, Maria and Donato with the property non divided and the commitment to conclude. Donato, with the act of 16 – 8- 1857 drafted by the notary Francesco Peragine bought from the sisters for 15000 ducats the shares of heredity and the right to consolidate the half part bought from the poor father with the father in law don Luigi D’alessandro from don Sergio Frisicchio. We forgot the big expense done the year before. It had been paid only one of the five installments. So, son in law and father in law like big entrepreneurs decided to…
divide the big property bought into 2 parts ( the agronomist made expertise, and divided into 2 parts with the complacency of both);
draw the quotes;
subtract what had been already paid from the poor Ignazio and cover with the dowry of Teresa the remaining part.
When Donato Servedio, seeing his part, said “I’m very satisfied”, the works started giving life to our Farm Servedio in the quarter Soluzio.