What do we offer?

Free outlet and space to the desires of your minds and interests!

Rental Location

We provide different areas in the structure, so that the customer can use them in special occasions: first communions, weddings, theme parties, workshops, seminars etc… All through two simple solutions:

Area in loan

Area + buffet & preparation
(it is provided by specialized catering companies)

A terrace from where you can see a beautiful panorama, where you can appreciate an enchanting sunset, a night under the stars and in the case of rain or cold you can go to the attic with its wooden floor, where you can enjoy a refreshment, a concert, a party or everything you want.
A little church, cosy and with frescoes, where it's possible to celebrate masses, for example 25 or 50 Years of marriage and the following ceremonies…
A threshing floor, 1 hectare large, where you can have fun and organize parties, enjoying the sun, the smells and the colors of the country.

And, after a party, a wedding, a concert or others events you want to organize in our structure, if you are tired, your house is too far or simply you want to spend the night there, waking up in a place where to spend a peaceful day…you can enjoy also our three bedrooms, in the b&b SOLUZIO, this on-site.